Hassle-Free From End-to-End

We take great pride in our work and we know you do as well. That’s why our streamlined process is done in-house with experts who know the ins and outs of manufacturing and installing signs, as well as building code and permits—so you can focus on your business and not how to get your sign designed, approved, built, and installed.

Step 1


Accurate estimates are critical for a business purchasing a sign, and we strive to get it right from the start. The first thing we do is survey the property, and then research the zoning codes to see what is possible for your sign and property. We then find a sign that meets your budget, goals, and building codes, and provide you with the estimated cost.

Step 2


Our designers work with you and your existing brand to craft a sign that works for your unique situation. We consider every aspect of the sign’s design at this stage—are the colors contrasting enough for visibility? Will the materials reflect the sun and be hard to read? Is it an east or west facing sign? How does it look at night? These are questions we consider and have answers to so you can be sure you’re getting a sign that works for your business in any situation.

Step 3


Few people have the time, patience, or knowhow to navigate the process of building codes and permits. That’s why we take care of that entire process, so you just get the sign you need without having to worry about it. We’ll do all the code checks, make sure it meets state building guidelines for structure, installation, foundation, and if it requires an engineer seal, we’ll take of that too and submit everything needed to the relevant departments.

Step 4

Fabrication & Productions

We have everything we need in house to build signs for your business, which is one of the reasons we consistently impress our customers with our turnaround time and quality of product. We stock on hand the raw materials, aluminum, extrusion, plastics, coil stock, LEDs, drivers, and so much more. While there are a few automated processes for precision accuracy, the bulk of our signs are hand built by experts who take pride in every sign that leaves our shop.

Step 5


On the day of installation, our team of experts will arrive first thing in the morning. It is always our goal to get the job done in one day, and to be as unobtrusive to your business and customers as possible. When we’ve finished, we’ll walk you through any relevant information you might need, and schedule an electrical inspection. After that inspection, the job is completed!

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